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Bombay Stock Exchange Highlights


Founded in the 19th century, Bombay Stock Exchange is doubtless treated to be the leading and most dynamic Asian stock exchange worldwide with its estimated operational speed of six microseconds being among the local market leading exchange foundations. More that over the previous century, this foreign exchange market has contributed the steady growth dynamic of the local Indian private industry by providing it with an extremely effective fundraising board. The Bombay Stock Exchange has become the incorporated business unit, containing an extensive stock owner base that involves two most reputable and leading international equity markets such as Singapore Exchange and Deutsche Bourse in the context of the strategic partnership. The mentioned stock exchange guarantees an effective and totally clear market for dealing with stocks, bonds, derivative products, share investment funds. The dealing venue for equities operations of small-and-medium enterprises has also been established.

The tremendous number of enterprises is involved in the Bombay Stock Exchange operational activity that makes it the leading global exchange as to the participating members. The enterprises enrolled in BSE order an overall market compounding of 1.64 trillion US dollars as it has been stated by approximate currency exchange calculator indication due to the average market expert evaluation that took place in 2015. As to the index options trading, it has proved to become one of the leading global exchanges according to the World Federation of Exchanges’ annual report. The Bombay Stock Exchange guarantees the other services set to bond market players, including risk management option, goods clearing, trade execution, market information related services and extensive training opportunities that industry experts find very useful. It has shown its transparency and simplicity as to the accessibility for numerous multinational dealers worldwide.

Bombay Stock Exchange patterns and procedures are created to safeguard market unity, run the Indian bond market development and spark off arising from progressive approaches as well as cross-market segment competition. This equity market is treated to be the first internal exchange  and second in the global context to be awarded Information Security Management System Standard BS 7799-2-2002 certificate thanks to its interactive real-time hustling pattern. Besides, the stock exchange carries out its operations within the frame of most reputable Indian bond market educational establishments.