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The Right 60 Second Binary Options Strategy

Every binary trade carries risks which need to be evaluated and assessed before you place a trade. However, when you are trading in just sixty seconds it can be very difficult to undertake thorough analysis; if you do you can easily end up missing the opportunity to trade. For this reason it is important to utilize the right 60 second binary option strategy. This type of trading can be exciting and financial rewarding, providing a few reasonable precautions are taken before you start trading. It is also vital that you understand the principles behind binary trading and only trade within your own comfort zone.

The 60 second binary options strategy can be used on trades with longer expiry times; it can be beneficial for any trader to understand the principles and even practice the trades before they invest in any binary options.

The Issue

One of the biggest problems that need to be addressed by a trader wishing to purchase sixty second options is that the market can be exceptionally volatile in a short space of time. Longer trades will usually benefit from a smoothing out of volatility, however, a short term trade can appear to be going in one direction and then reverse before you have time to make any adjustment to your trade. The price can be adversely affected by the release of economic news or a sudden decrease of interest in a particular firm. Attempting to trade in such a short timeframe by watching the market news is almost impossible, by the time you have the information your window of opportunity will close. It is therefore, essential to study and understand as many different analytical charts as you can. These charts can be reviewed and analyzed before you start trading; this will ensure you are ready to utilize the 60 second binary option strategy.

Creating your own

It is possible to develop your own strategy when dealing with such short term trades. Simply start by choosing several assets, but not too many. You will then need to study their price movement charts but you must do in short term timeframes; you will not get the detail you need from a chart which shows you the movements of an asset over a whole day. These charts should highlight any short term trends; small adjustments which occur throughout the day. When you spot one you will need to place your trade quickly, it will not last long!

It is also possible to use short term candlesticks to assess any potential movements in process; again, these must be based on small timescales. Other tools which can help build your own 60 second binary options strategy is moving average and boundary charts. These will help you to assess which direction an asset is likely to go in and place your trade accordingly.


Trading in such a short time scale is high risk, but it is also high reward. Although longer term trades are generally more predictable there are fewer opportunities to trade this way. Using the 60 second approach you will, find there are hundreds of possibilities. The obvious trade off is that you are likely to have more losing trades than if you trading longer term; but, you are also likely to have more winning trades and,; providing these outnumber your losing ones, you should be able to generate a profit for the day.

One way of increasing the number of successful trades you make is to study the daily chart looking for price breaking points. As the price breaks one point you can look at the shorter term charts which will provide more detail of the ups and downs of each asset. You can then see where the asset has broken the daily trade price point and is on its way to breaking the sixty second point. You will then know to place your trade before it breaks, or even as it breaks to gain on the reversal. With a little practice this strategy can become a good way of placing more successful trades than bad trades.