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Options Strategies – Getting Started

Getting Started

It is very important to learn and know the strategies you are going to use in the process of options trading. This knowledge will not only help you to choose the right assets and make the right predictions but also get the highest profits from each trade.

The Right Strategy

Before choosing the right strategy, you need to evaluate your financial situation as well as your experience as the range of options is really wide yet not all of them will be possible in terms of experience and funds. As soon as you do that, the search will narrow and the variety of strategies will be clear.

There are many strategies but you should choose only a particular one, the one that will determine your goals. For instance, owning the stocks, makes it clear to investigate such strategy as covered calls. In case of selling the stocks you own, you might think of purchasing Put Option (sell). In simple words, everything depends on what you have and what you wish to do with it.

Simple Beginning

If you have a novice in an options trading sphere, than it is better to start from simple strategies. In other words, strategies that you understand completely, such as, for example, writing covered calls. More complicated strategies can be used later when you already gain experience. Meanwhile, professionals are capable of using difficult strategies to minimize the risk, yet it might also minimize the potential income.

As a beginner, don’t run after big money as soon as you start. Take some time to learn the market, read and watch financial news, browse the net etc to understand how everything works. With each trade, you will get more and more experience that will help you later to invest more money and receive higher income. Yet now it is time to concentrate on mastering simple strategies and prepare yourself for advanced options trading in the nearest future.


From the one hand, it is absolutely clear that a certain concentration is needed when trading options. Yet from the other hand, the marketplace has such an extremely fast pace and speed that not every beginning trader is able to cope with it. Even those who have strategies and plans can panic and become puzzled.

To avoid this situation, experience is required and very often first attempts are not very successful. For instance, the trade you made a prediction on moves in a wrong way, so it is better to exit early. For this you need to know how exit strategy or cut-off point work. All this means that a beginning investor should learn a lot, try harder and everything will definitely work.