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Is the 30 Second Binary Options Strategy Viable?

There are many people who claim or simply dismiss binary trading as simply another form of betting. To some this may appear correct; you place an amount on a trade and then either ‘win’ a designated amount or lose your funds. In this respect it is similar to betting! However, trading successfully on the binary market consistently requires an understanding of the market forces, price direction and even the general economy. To place the right trade you will have to decide when your trade should finish, which direction the price will move in and which asset you wish to invest in. Using a selection of tools, analysis and even the 30 second binary options strategy will enable you to place successful trades and generate good levels of return. Although you cannot control the markets, you can learn to understand and predict them in order to place the best trades.

The time factor

One of the most important principles which surround this type of trading is to understand that there are many different options regarding how and when to trade. The first is simply whether you intend to utilize trades which expire in just thirty seconds, sixty seconds, fifteen minutes or even at the end of the day. Some brokers even offer the ability to trade much longer term, such as weeks or even a year!

Until recently it the fastest expiry you could undertake was one minute; now, it is possible to do this in half the time! The 30 second binary options strategy is extremely fast paced; you will need to think quickly and clearly before placing each trade; if you do not it will be finished before you make your move. It is the time factor which makes this approach difficult yet stimulating, of course, there is also a corresponding increase in risk.

Implementing a Trade

Before any trade is placed you must understand that if you place a call you are expecting the price to rise and a put suggests a price fall. You should also study as many analytical charts as you can. These should show the price movement and volatility of your chosen asset. It is important to study short term charts, the price movement of an asset over a whole day will not give you enough information to make the right decision.

Once you have studied the market you will be able to see which direction the price is moving in and whether it is likely to continue doing so. You can then place a trade which specifies the direction you think the price will move in. Using the thirty second binary options strategy you will not have to wait long to see if you are right. If you have assessed the trade correctly you will gain a return on your investment; if not then your funds are gone and you will need to start looking at the next option. It is not possible to get the trade right every time; however, with a little planning you can predict the price movement correctly on many occasions.

This approach may seem easy, but, it is vital that you analyze the market before you place your trade. The first part of this involves choosing the right asset; to decide this you will have to decide which type of assets you would prefer to trade in and which are likely to move throughout the day. The amount you wish to invest and the general economic climate can affect asset movement.

You then need to study the short term chart showing your assets movement history in thirty second blocks to establish the trend and potential to make returns. This analysis will need to be completed quickly if you are to successful implement the 30 second binary options strategy. The market will fluctuate throughout the day; to ensure the best possible chance of a successful trade you must use the most up to date information.