Trade With Finpari

Choice of a strategy



Nowadays more and more people are choosing binary options trading as an additional income or make it their profession and become advanced traders worldwide. But to become successful in this sphere, every trader should determine what strategies or concepts he/she might use during the trading process. The first thing to do is to understand how binary options trading works and as a result work on strategies that will definitely help to increase the income.

Binary Options

In general, binary trading isn’t a very difficult task as it has only two results (winning or loosing). The first one is if the investor makes the right prediction and wins all the invested money back plus payouts after each trade. But if the investor fails it means that he/she loses all the invested money and will not get any commission.

Of course, in order to win, a trader should always be aware of the latest financial news, read newspapers, watch TV, use Internet to compare, check and analyze charts etc. It is like always being informative of what is happening in the world in a financial area 24 hours a day.

Kinds of Assets

Knowing types of assets will help you to select the one that you know best of all. For example, it can be Forex currency pairs (USD/EUR etc), commodities (oil, gas, wheat etc), stock, shares and many others. Find information about all of them, analyze and decide which one it would be easier for you to predict on.


Now, knowing types of assets, we can look closer at their payouts. Depending on the type of assets, the payout percentage will vary. Let’s look at an example: the payout of high/low options is usually around 80%-90%. Whereas when dealing with one-touch or boundary options, the percentage would be 400% and sometimes even 600%. Therefore it is very important to check all types of assets and make the right decision.


To become a successful trader with high profits will take some time; yet following all the above mentioned strategies will greatly help you. Apart from them, it is also important to find the right broker who you can consult with on types of assets, commissions, concepts etc.

To conclude, the one and only rule is the following – be informative 24/7 and have own strategies to cope with fast pace of the marketplace.